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Jill Stein, Green Party Candidate Arrested

"Despite the fact her name will appear on 85-percent of presidential ballot…Stein, along with Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson, have both been stonewalled when it comes to getting in on this year’s presidential debate action.”
Why does education have a price tag…

Do we really need a $200,000 piece of paper to define our knowledge & future?


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Something to think about…

Something to think about…

My BMI is 21. Whats your number?

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*Although BMI only gives a rough estimate of a person health, muscle mass is not taken into consideration. However it gives about about a 90% accuracy of your range. 

Obesity contributes to global warming.

Obesity, the rising epidemic in America. 

My mother has worked in the health care industry for 18 years, and in her field she deals with physical therapy and rehabilitation of injured people. Many of her patients are suffers of obesity, some come in weighing anywhere from 300-800ibs! The horror stories i’ve heard of people who are so over weight they have to have special equipment to move them. The puke-worthy tales of food being trapped between layers of fat rolls only to be discovered weeks later. Patients so over-weight they have to have help going to the bathroom…

If you can barley see your feet, you have a problem.
The National Institute of Health declares a healthy individual to be between a BMI of 18-25. If your BMI is 30 or above, you are morbidly obese. 

ugh. I know this sounds harsh, but sometimes I just want to scream at these people and tell them, do you find yourself attractive, because the rest of the world doesn’t. Do you care that you are a fat, lazy, mass-consuming pig? Why should the world adapt to your needs. Why should you take up two whole seats….should we just start making everything plus size…? Lets all just let ourselves go and make the world one giant blob of fat.


I get so angry when fat people talk about food 24/7 and how they are BB (big & beautiful.) Um no. 
Beauty is symmetrical, clean and crisp.
Don’t tell me cancer is sexy cause its not; obesity is the new cancer.

The trouble with obesity, is how our society lacks the education, on portion control and nutritional values. Parents at home, are often feeding their children sweets, pop and fast food. Many don’t have the time to cook; or they don’t know any better themselves. 
Fast food chains, are starting to be pressured into providing the calorie & fat content in their food products…but even with cold hard numbers, people are still giving into their unhealthy urges. Why? Because, we are constantly bombarded with media images from fast food chains; its quick, easy & convenient.  I say, put an end to fast food all together. Create an organic & healthy fast food company!

The reason I get so frustrated with fat people is, they are the epitome of our instant gratification, consumer society. Food to some people is a drug & they get high, experience instant relief from eating. But what they don’t realize is all the work that is put into creating food. The planting, harvesting, growing, waiting, picking, cleaning, packing.
The amount of deforestation & devastating effects from the rise of crops. The pollution from transportation. The people starving in other countries who go for days without eating…all while you sit there and stuff your greedy faces. Its sicking. Its a sickness that needs to end. I honestly don’t feel sorry for people who get called out on being fat, its rude to pick on others, but when you’re fat, you’re fat & you need to be aware its not healthy. Don’t expect people to sugar coat it. 
If you wear a XL a double XXL, a triple XXL…you are a waste of fucking space, do you realize how much cloth goes into making your clothes? Three -five people could cut up that cloth and use it. 

Wake up America!!!

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The earth has an ever-lasting abundance of resources? 

A hopeful, inspiring, TED talks by Paul Gilding.

We’ve been mind controlled via television since childhood and have no clue of what’s really important to know in life and the world.
via The Paradigm Shift


We’ve been mind controlled via television since childhood and have no clue of what’s really important to know in life and the world.

via The Paradigm Shift